Crystal Guidry is an artist that works with various mediums that include (but are not limited to) acrylic, oil, graphic design, and sculpture. She is based in Stockton, CA where she was born and raised and also works as a teacher. As a senior student in Franklin High school Crystal received city-wide recognition as the top honor for ‘Best Overall Award’ in Haggin Museum’s District Art Contest. Though Crystal’s art consist of many themes, she tends to primarily focus on the cultural and social reflection of African-Descent women. Her deep passion to expand her knowledge of her own culture led her to attend the Historical Black University-Langston University right after high school. At Langston University Crystal along with her brother Earl Guidry were the official cartoonist for the University’s newspaper “The Gazette”. Their comic titled “Black Beans & Rice” ran for two years; 2006-2007 (Crystal was credited as the illustrator and Earl as the writer). When Crystal returned to Stockton California she remained in the art community by displaying her mediums in museums, cafés, restaurants, book stores, private exhibits, and theatrical productions all around California. She also is a co-founder of the COOP which promotes local entrepreneurs through promotional events, spacing for businesses, and networking. She has also illustrated for two Children’s Books with one available now on Amazon (https://www.amazon.com/Lion-Bull-Thadius-Pendelez-ebook/dp/B00NY0FFEO). Crystal also has done volunteer work as a muralist for schools, churches and privately owned buildings. Her latest award was given by the Stockton Downtown Alliance for a multi-medium art piece that is now displayed in two locations in Downtown Stockton as an attraction. If you would like to see more of her work please visit her website crystalguidry.com


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